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  #116  Dell Computetr Lock
Protects Dell Desktop Computer(SMT) CPU, Internal Components,  Keyboard/Mouse against theft with just one lock.


Item: 116

1. Place steel bolt in the security slot.

2. With steel cable, loop around table or immovable object.

3. Place steel cable into the lock square hole. (side of lock)
Place monitor, printer ,USB, mouse cables, etc into cable trap.
5. Move the lock to steel bolt, push lock's button  to lock up.
6. Protects CPU, internal components, against theft with one lock.



7. The lock is perfect for Dell Desktop Computer with a security slot.

Kit includes: specially designed lock (patented), cable trap, 2 keys, steel bolt, steel cable 5.8mm x 150cm. LCD chip,

Patented: US: 6622532    TAIWAN:197662   CHINA: ZL 02 2 36009.3


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